Gravity online workshop - feedback

Gravity online workshop - feedback

Gravity Workshop feedback

In these uncertain times with Covid-19 hanging over us while we await a vaccine, businesses have had to adapt. Sensory Tools® is no different, we planned to bring live workshops to Australia this year (2020) but that was not to be.

However, we were able to adapt by bring workshops to our customers in an online format, our ‘Traffic Jam in My Brain’ workshop was extremely popular with great feed-back and will be run again next year.

The new workshop, by Eileen Richter, Using Gravity to Facilitate Sensory Motor Development in Infants and Children’, known by it’s shortened name; ‘The Gravity Workshop’ was one a new online workshops which proved to be a huge hit, receiving glowing feed-back, here are some that we would like to share:

"I have learnt so much. The most outstanding thing I have taken away from the course (there is heaps) is not only rolling down hills (or inclines) but also trying to roll back up the hill or even crawling up the hill, for further benefit!!"

"It's been so interesting, fantastic theory as well as practical therapy activities and I’m looking forward to using what I’ve learnt with my caseload. Thanks so much!"

"This course was excellent in improving my knowledge of sensory dysfunction, regulation and sensory integration i will be able to engage more meaningfully with the therapist that support my students and have gained a deeper understanding of the therapeutic approach to supporting sensory dysfunction. this was excellent and information very accessible to a non-therapist. Thank you"

"This course has added to my prior learning about the importance of crawling e.g. it not only assists in building core strength it allows the building of musculature in the extremities and is important for vision in terms of a horizon.  Supine is important for the wider angled vision.  The vestibular system has a very much larger part to play in each person’s sensory integration - including but very much not limited to balance, neurological and psycho-social well-being than I had previously known."

"Importance of gravity and movement in intervention".

"The importance of integrating primitive reflexes and the use of gravity to do so."

"I learnt a lot about how I can help my children with at home activities that will help improve Vestibular functioning and social development/regulation.  We already use some of the skills, so it just ties it all in for me."

With such an enthusiastic response received from participants, Sensory Tools® will again run the workshop in February 2021, keep an eye on our web site for full details.