CD-Meeting The Music CD & work book

Type: CD

Music Therapy can assist in regulating emotions, help to promote language acquisition, assists with left/right brain hemisphere coordination and uses a motivating and fun medium to engage in purposeful play. Music therapy is the planned and creative use of music to meet the variety of needs of individuals with additional needs, including cognitive, social, emotional and physical. It is the use of live music making in order to reach the unique goals of each individual.

 AASS Registered Music Therapist Pamela Fisher who features on the CD and wrote many of the songs said  “This is a valuable tool for families who access Music Therapy, so they can learn to use their inner musicality to connect and engage with their children who have additional needs as well as their siblings in the home environment.”

 AASS Founder and CEO Grace Fava said “While this CD should not be used in lieu of clinical music therapy sessions, it will provide a platform to build a bridge for those who live in rural and remote areas and low socio economic families who cannot readily access a Registered Music Therapist.