Feelings and Me

Type: Books

Feelings and Me is a gorgeous picture book designed to introduce pre-schoolers to the inner word of emotions. Featuring photographs of an array of expressive animals such as a happy panda, an angry lion and a calm piglet, little children will delight in recognising how different emotions look and feel. Feelings and Me has been written by Educational and Developmental Psychologist Julie Dini and includes a helpful tips section for parents. 

  • Softcover laminated and printed in Australia.
  • Perfect for toddlers and pre-schoolers. 
  • This beautifully illustrated book makes perfect bed time reading and is an ideal gift.


"I love this book! A wonderful resource to explore feelings and emotions. The pictures of the animals are so cute, they will keep the children amused and engaged. As a teacher, I really like the additional 'Parent tips' and activities. They are very useful. This book is a must for teachers, parents, therapists, and children!" - Kathy, teacher

"Cute feelings book for your animal loving toddler. Catches my girl’s attention with the bright colours and clean portraits of animals. Love that it was written by an educational psychologist. This is probably the best book I’ve seen on emotions that is not too wordy that my 2 year old is young enough to grasp. In the back of the book the author gives some tips on how to use the book. Love this book so much!" - Parent