Balloon Ball Animal - Value Plus - 4 Pack

Balloon Ball Animal - Value Plus - 4 Pack

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Balloon Ball Animals encourage deep exhalation.

4 Pack includes
1 x Pig
1 x Tiger
1 x Cow
1 x Elephant

Blow air into a balloon and this gives your intercostal muscles a quick aerobic workout. The intercostal muscles (for those of you who don’t know) spread and elevate the diaphragm and the ribcage as well. Take a deep breath and this simple exercise fills the lungs with oxygen, when you exhale you dispel carbon dioxide from your body. Keep blowing up a number of balloons and you really give your lungs a brilliant workout.

These balloons are inflated by inserting a straw into the rear of the balloon animal.(The straw can be difficult to insert and may need to be done by a supervising adult. Wetting the straw may assist with placement, ensure the straw goes far enough into the balloon so the air opening is past the valve). The balloon will stay inflated when the straw is removed. Reinsert the straw to deflate.

Inflates up to 25cm

Contains small and sharp (straw) item, use with adult supervision.

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