Kazoo - Classic American 4 Pack

Kazoo - Classic American 4 Pack

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Classic American Kazoo

While blowing is the term typically used to describe the technique required to play a kazoo, a more accurate term would be humming into the Kazoo. Blowing with the lips closed around the mouthpiece of the kazoo will not make sound – one must vibrate air from one’s lungs by humming into the instrument to produce any sound. Increased air flow and harder blowing will result in a louder sound.
Instead of just humming (hmmmmm); different sounds can be made by singing different syllables, such as doo, who, rrrrr, brrrr, into the kazoo. The vibration from the kazoo will be transferred to the lips giving a sensory input.
Before washing your kazoo carefully remove the round top section then remove the paper disc, replace after washing and drying the instrument.

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