Constructive Eating - Fairy Garden - Value Plus (3 Pack)

Constructive Eating - Fairy Garden - Value Plus (3 Pack)

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Make a meal out of mealtimes with the Fairy Garden Range!

Sensory Tools is now offering a Constructive Eating Value Pack Including:

  • 1 x Fairy Garden Place mat

  • 1 x Fairy Garden 3 piece utensil set

  • 1 x Fairy Garden Sectioned Plate

Normally valued at $69.85 but only $59.95 when purchased in this value pack!

The Fairy Garden 3 piece utensils package contains one Garden Rake Fork, one Garden Shovel Spoon, and one Garden Hoe Pusher. Each utensil is based on a tool used in the garden. Perched on each handle is a garden fairy.

The garden fairies live in plants found in the garden. These plants are wrapped around the handles with a softer plastic material.

The Fairy Garden, Garden Plate is dishwasher and microwave safe. It contains features that work with Constructive Eatings', Fairy Garden utensils.

No paints are used to color the plate. The plate is manufactured using only FDA approved materials.

The Fairy Garden 11" x 17" Polypropylene place mat features a view of our three Garden Fairies (Allo, Charlie and Willow) near their homes in a garden setting. The three fairies are the same three fairies that are featured on the Fairy Garden, Garden Fairy Utensils.

The place mat is durable and is easy to wipe clean. Shaded images of the Garden Fairy Utensils and subtle features from the Garden Fairy Plate provide the opportunity for children to help get ready for meals by setting their place at the table.

All Fairy Garden Constrictive Eating products contain NO Lead, NO Bisplenol A (BPA), NO PVC, and NO Phthalates.

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