Inside Out Turtle

Inside Out Turtle

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Exclusive to Sensory Tools!

Sometimes we all feel a little bit shy and want to curl up into a ball. These cute and colourful little turtles do just that and then POP! Out comes a friend to play with when you feel like company.

Baby turtles come from eggs, when you turn this baby turtle inside-out it goes back into it’s egg, the egg has a slightly sticky feeling giving the item another tactile dimension.

Use in the same way you would an inside out ball, you can stretch them onto your hands or feet, throw them about and catch them, run your fingers through their "hairy" shells and play all day with you turtle pal. Great fun for fidgety fingers and help teach kids about texture with their smooth and spiky sides when inside out or out to play!

(Manufacturer recommends not suitable for children under 3 years of age or developmental ability, Not suitable for chewing - recommended to be used under adult supervision). Various colours available.



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