Star Fidget Tool - 4cm Stack Pack - 10 Pack

Star Fidget Tool - 4cm Stack Pack - 10 Pack

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‘Star’ Fidget Tool 4cm Stack Pack - 10 Pack

  • Ideal fine motor tool, provides a challenge and fun stacking them up.
  • Try bouncing and catching item on a table.
  • Roll between goal posts and more as listed below:

The Star Fidget Tool has been designed specifically with Therapists and their clients, with sensory issues, in mind )this size is ideally suited for small hands while . This small low cost tool has many applications and is made from Latex free material, uses include:

  • Scrunch the item in your hand and hear it crackle.
  • Improve hand dexterity by playing finger ‘Twister” e.g. place the thumb and centre finger on the end of two opposite tubes then place the other fingers on the ends of nominated colour tubes.
  • The arms can be stretched (5 different tensions).
  • Drop it on the floor and watch the crazy bounce, or on a table and try to catch it.
  • Set up goal posts and have someone on the opposite side of the table attempt to roll the item between the posts.
  • Roll between hands for relaxation
  • Squeeze the air out of a tube, place it on your finger tip, let go of the tube and the suction will make it hang from the finger.
  • Stack them up, see how many you can add to the stack.

Comments from therapists who have trialled the tool:

“It’s really great, not just a toy adapted for use but a tool that has multiple uses”.

“I could use one of these myself I like to scrunch it”.

“It would be great for people who fidget, the crackling sound is like clicking the end of a ball point pen:”

Designed and manufactured in Australia– exclusive to Sensory Tools Australia.

(Not recommended for children under 3 years of age or developmental ability - recommended to be used under adult supervision).

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