Happy Hair Brush

Happy Hair Brush

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There is no such thing as "bad" hair,
just bad brushes!

For some parents running a brush through your child’s hair is a simple task that takes just minutes during the morning school rush, but for a lot of parents it’s a daily time-consuming struggle, adding onto your long list of daily chores. And for the child it’s an upsetting task filled with stress, anxiety and tears.

Brushing hair doesn’t have to be a daily fight between parent and child, it can be a calming moment in your busy day, even becoming bonding time all children and parents crave that unfortunately sometimes our busy lives can get in the way of. 
We offer two types of brushes to make the task easier :

Yellow & Teal are perfect for small children, Sensitive heads, thin or fine hair, Highly Sensory, have ADHD or special needs who find traditional hair brushes hurt or over stimulate them.

BlueLime Red are perfect for wet or dry hair, thin or fine hair, thick hair, young hair, old hair, afro, matted, whispy, curly... all hair... it just works!!!

The Original Happy Hair Brush™ incorporates a mix of 5 different hairbrushes and combs styles into one. It has a curved, solid (non-flexible) head so that it can deal with the toughest of hair while protecting the most sensitive of heads. It works on all hair types and makes brushing knotted, tangled and matted hair easy and pain free.

Shhhh……..The secret lies in the bristle structure and brush body shape

A brush with a mix of natural boar bristles combined with the perfect length and thickness of nylon pins. This is topped off with hand-placed micro tips which make the brush feel soft to the touch on even the most sensitive of heads. The curved paddle minimises hair breakage separating knots and detangling hair without pulling it.

 PLEASE NOTE: The Sensory Brush won't work on thick hair.  

For thick hair we recommend the Original Happy Hair

Also available in a Book and Brush Combo with your choice of hairbrush colour 

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