MoveAbout Activity Cards

Type: Learning

MoveAbout Activity Cards designed by David Jereb, OT and Kathy Jereb, OT

This colourful 64-card deck features fun-filled activities that help children develop their sensory motor skills while refocusing, calming down and regaining energy.

Winner of the Mom's Choice Gold Award, these great cards are divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced activities. Each card tells you why and how the activity works, what you need for it, and ways to make it more challenging. It also tells you what to look for, to make sure your child is getting the most out of the activity. These two experienced authors have over seventy combined years of teaching experience, and have learned the best ways to help children learn and grow using their motor development skills. Now parents can tap that experience and genius, using these handy cards, to help their kids grow, learn, and develop to the best of their abilities! Includes 64 cards on a convenient a snap-ring holder, "How to Use" pamphlet, and sturdy storage box.

For use at home, at school or in the clinic, these cards are a handy tool for parents, teachers and therapists!

Please note the Number 2 card is on the back of Number 1 and the Number 64 Card is the "How to use "card.


"These cards are was exactly what I need to have activities at the ready for my "sensory seeking" 5 year old son, and 14 year old son with Aspergers.
It is so nice to just go to the deck and give them a choice of activity, especially when it's raining and the children are bouncing off the walls.
My son's Occupational Therapist told me about them, and I am so grateful.
It is great that they come with a snap ring for ease of use, and that they are so small (size of a deck of cards).
If you have a child with sensory processing disorder, you will want to get these card, but they are great even for children without special needs.
Great for a phys ed component for homeschooling, too!" - Parent