Fidget Ball

Fidget Ball

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This 6cm x 6cm fidget ball is about the size of a baseball and securely holds inside 11 brightly colored balls. When you push one ball in it forces another ball to pop into a coloured hole. The inner balls are too big to actually pop out of the outer ball so you never have to worry about losing pieces.

This fun fidget ball is super sturdy and perfect for elementary students and adults.  Use it as a fidget by pushing in the coloured balls and feeling them pop out. Use it as a puzzle- keep pushing  and manipulating the coloured balls until they match the colours of the outer rings.

This is an excellent stress reliever or fidget toy for the home or classroom. It is extremely durable and since you don’t have to keep track of pieces, it also works well as a travel toy, or distraction item while you are out in the community.

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