EZI-Lace Ups

EZI-Lace Ups

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The Australian designed EZI-LACE UPS (Red/Blue & Yellow) (Black/Grey & White) assist in teaching children to tie their own shoe laces using tri-coloured laces (as explained in Carol Kranowitz’s book - The Out of Sync Child has fun.

The 2 distinctive colour lengths (with third central colour for centering the lace when threading, act as the visual aid when tying shoe laces together;

Labeling along one length of the lace, uniquely caters for aspects of colour blindness; and the ability to thread straight onto the shoe ensures learning can take place from the child or learner’s perspective.

They look different, colourful & fun and come in red/blue & yellow or black/white & grey to suit school uniforms or joggers.

These truly are a sensory tool.....

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