Wee Target - Toilet Training Aide for Boys

Wee Target - Toilet Training Aide for Boys

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Heat Sensitive

Wee Target – toilet training for boys

Too often boys get distracted and wee hits the lid, the wall, the floor, in fact almost anywhere except the bowl

Wee Target helps keep your bathroom clean!

Wee Targets are plastic targets with a suction cup that you stick to the inside rim of the toilet to give little boys (and not so little) something to aim for and makes toilet training a little bit more fun for tricky kids.

To make it a lot of fun, the targets have heat sensitive black ink spots on them and when the wee hits the target, the black ink 'disappears' to reveal a picture underneath.

The target goes back to black once the toilet is flushed, ready for next time.

Lasts approx 6 weeks.