Resistance Bands

Type: Movement

Resistance bands are used for upper and lower body exercises to improve balance and flexibility, strengthening muscles and increasing your overall range of movement.

They are ideal for everyone, even those who have short or very limited movement.

From muscle rehabilitation to maximising you’re training, these bands are for you!

Unlike bulky and expensive gym equipment Sensory Tools resistance bands are affordable and take up virtually no room, they are lightweight and portable.
Use them in the comfort of your own living room, outdoors or at the gym.

Our Resistance bands come with a handy carry bag for storage and travel.

They come in brightly coloured 5 Pack, mixed colours for different resistance levels.

  • Green: X-Light
  • Blue: Light
  • Yellow: Medium
  • Red: Heavy
  • Black: X-Heavy

    Storage and cleaning tips:

  • Cleaning products and other chemicals can damage your resistance bands; clean water is all you need.
  • They should be cleaned after every use. Using a damp cloth, wipe down your resistance bands. Make sure the band is dry before storing it.
  • Never leave your bands sitting in direct sunlight.
  • Bands should be stored in a cooldry environment.

Each Resistance Band Loop when laid flat is:
Length - 30cm
Width - 5cm

To be used under adult supervision. 
May be a choking hazard.