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Relaxation CDs - recommended for adult use. 

Sometimes you may need to relax and unwind to regain your perspective on life and give a little time to yourself. These short meditation CDs are designed for just that purpose. 

The Grounding meditation is an 11-minute guided emersion into nature. It is excellent to for relaxation as well as to help with focus and feeling safe. It comes with a single drumbeat. 

Blessing Body Meditation is a 15-minute focus on the miracle of the body.  It enhances self-appreciation and relaxation. Its background is ocean waves. 

Both are G rated meditations and should be listened to while resting 

Warning: not for use when operating machinery or a motor vehicle. 

Christine C. Bajorek is a Spiritual Life Coach and Naturalist who has worked with clients in the United States, Europe, and Australia. She leads workshops, provides self-empowerment tools, and is the founder and principal of 


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