I Like Birthdays

Type: Books

By Laurie Renke; illustrated by Jake Renke and Max Renke A wonderful new children’s book about birthdays! Have you ever wondered how many children are bothered by the loud “Pop!” of a balloon? Read this book to understand (and help other children understand) why some children don’t like parties.

Learn to understand what a child’s actions are really saying and learn about sensory processing disorder through the eyes of a child. Written by a mother for her young son, Laurie Renke presents her son’s feelings about everything from singing “Happy Birthday” to eating cake and playing games. Children will understand themselves or their siblings better, and parents may recognize their children in these situations.

You’ll enjoy reading this full-color book with the special children in your life!


"Excellent book! Read this to a child who struggles with social situations like birthday parties! Provides good opportunities for discussion on personal experiences and coping strategies. My grandson has sensory issues and he really appreciated the message of this book." - Netherd