My Friend Manny

Type: Books
My friend Manny is a beautiful childrens book with some absolutely gorgeous illustrations with a really important message.
This book encourages understanding and acceptance for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), based around a beautiful friendship.
What people are saying!


"I purchased this to share with the children at the Pre School I work at. The staff and Children love it! It has simple language, it’s visually engaging and some children have shared that they identify with some of the traits of the character Manny! Congratulations." - Karen Davies

 "I bought one for our house, and one for each of my boys schools. The schools were thrilled to have such a useful resource that promotes inclusion, so beautifully written and illustrated. My husband even read it and it started a meaningful conversation about ADHD – so you deserve a medal for that!  Great work Jodie, you are simply amazing xxx" - Kylie Atkinson

 "This is an amazing book about tolerance, friendship and differences. Read to two classes in special needs school I work at, the kids loved Manny." - Sue Dimech