The Teen Guide To Sensory Issues

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It’s Hard To Be A Teen, 
It’s even more challenging when we have sensory differences.

People with sensory processing disorder (SPD), a newly identified neurological condition, as well as those with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are frequently misunderstood when they over- or under-react to sounds, sights, smells, tastes, touch, movement, balance, and feelings within their bodies. When we’re wired differently in teenage hood and not always able to understand what we’re sensing, the world―and the future― can feel big and scary.

Rachel S. Schneider, MA, MHC, is an SPD advocate and the award-winning author of Sensory Like You and Making Sense: A Guide to Sensory Issues. In this guide, written especially for teens and those who love them, she breaks the challenges of sensory teenage hood into hilarious, thoughtful, and manageable chunks. Through personal stories about her own experiences as an undiagnosed sensory teen as well as tips and tricks to survive and thrive during these years, Rachel reminds us that we’re not alone.


"This was so amazingly eye opening! My family has a working knowledge of sensory processing challenges, but this was really helpful. The descriptions of what sensory processing is like are amazingly helpful both to people who experience sensory overload and to people who watch their students, patients, or loved ones suffer. While the language is familiar, she provides new context and insight so that we gain a fuller understanding of what a person with sensory processing disorder experiences when they say they dissociate. It is easy to confuse sensory processing challenges with other disorders and possible provide treatment that will actually make sensory processing disorder even worse." - Parent