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Do clothing labels bother you so much that you have to remove them?

Do you find many different foods repulsive?

Do loud, sudden, or piercing sounds startle you?

Do you need to wear sunglasses even on a cloudy day?

Do you feel panicky going down an escalator or driving through a tunnel?

If the answer to many of these questions is yes, you may suffer from sensory defensiveness, a common but often misdiagnosed condition that results form adverse reactions to what most people consider harmless sensations. Development psychologist Sharon Heller, sensory defensive herself suggests that the best way for sufferers to cope is not psychotherapy or medication but a host of other treatments that tap into the primitive brain.


"Excellent, have had sensory processing all my life, this book explained a lot!! I cope much better with the world around me now. Good read. Will help parents with kids who have some 'odd' things like only wearing certain fabrics because others itch." - Joanne

"A fascinating account of how sensation can run amok and cause problems. "--New York Newsday