Scissors - Easy Grip

Type: Learning

Is a ultra light-weight self-opening scissors with the added benefit of a loop handle for additional stabilisation. Designed for use by those with weak hands and wrists or those who are unable to use conventional style scissors

Warning: Scissors are sharp - exercise caution when using - use under adult supervision.

Recommended for

  • Poor sensation, weak grip, hand strength and/or motor control
  • Children learning correct index finger placement
  • Motor planning difficulties. For example, Dyspraxia
  • Children with joint hyper-mobility

Key Features

  • Light weight

    Does not fatigue user

  • Continuous loop handle

    Automatically reopens scissors when pressure released

  • Additional long loop handle

    Aids finger isolation using middle, ring and little finger for strength whilst index finger is used for guidance. Alternatively for those with very restricted movement, fingers can be placed over the long loop handle

  • High quality polymer

    Does not snap and retains spring action

  • High quality stainless steel blade

    Provides longevity and cuts through paper with ease