These products relate to the material you have just learned about in Module 7 of Gen Jereb's The Traffic Jam In My Brain ONLINE. All are available for purchase from Sensory Tools Australia.
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The New Social Story Book
Since the early 90s, Carol Gray's world-famous Social Stories have helped thousands of children with...
No More Meltdowns
Positive strategies for managing and preventing out-of-control behavior By Jed BakerIt could happen at the...
My Friend with Autism (Enhanced Edition)
This books vivid illustrations and charming story line will foster tolerance and understanding among peers,...
Engaging Autism
Helping Children Relate, Communicate and Think with the DIR Floortime Approach By Stanley I. Greenspan...
I Like Birthdays
By Laurie Renke; illustrated by Jake Renke and Max Renke A wonderful new children’s book...
The Child With Special Needs
The Child with Special Needs By Stanley I. Greenspan, MD and Serena Wieder, PHD. The...
The Challenging Child
The Challenging Child By Stanley Greenspan, M.D. Most children fall into five basic personality types...
The Boy Who Loved Windows
By Patricia Stacey Former Atlantic Monthly staffer Stacey makes her debut with a sharply observed,...