Weighted Animals And More

Sensory Tools has a range of weighted items such as the weighted toy range of the platypus, turtle and snake. These are designed with different textures (platypus) and weights. Placed on the lap or over the shoulders they can assist with calming. Full size weighted blankets are an ideal sleeping aid for those who like to feel a soft weighted cover.

Weighted animals should not be a weighted lump that sits on the lap, they should be designed to lay across the lap or around the shoulders. The material should be designed to suit the child and fit in with their mood, an animal with a plush coat is smooth and calming when stroked while the fur finish is designed to assist low arousal.

While some people will grab any animal, put weights in it and sell it of as a weighted animal, Sensory Tools animals are made exclusively for our company, they are designed to have the weight evenly distributed and to have the exterior covering made of a material for calming (or arousal). Each animal has an internal lining so that in the event of the outer covering becoming damaged the filling will not leak.

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I Spy Bag
Quality Australian made product. With many trinkets hidden within non-toxic pallets, I Spy bags are...
$67.00 $62.50
Popper & Weighted Alligator Bundle
For all those children who like alligators they will love this bundle !! You can...
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Weighted Snake - 1.7 kgs
New improved version of our popular weighted snake featuring additional padding and a softer body.Weighted...
$54.00 $49.00
Weighted Turtle - 1.2kgs
  Weighted Turtle - approx 1.2kgs. These plush turtles are filled with approximately 1.2kgs of...
$47.00 $42.00
Weighted Alligator 2.2kg - ALI-The Plush Alligator
The Plush Ali- Alligator has a softer touch, is green in colour, he is a great tool...
$75.00 $69.00
Weighted Ball 2kg - 12cm dia Energy Ball
2kg Weighted Energy Ball - Only In Black - 12cm Dia - is ideal for...
$17.95 $15.95
Weighted Ball 3kg - 13cm dia
3kg Weighted Ball - 13cm DiaThese weighted energy balls provide an ideal core work out....
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Weighted Blanket - All Seasons - Full size (140 x 210 cm) - A weighted blanket you can use in summer and all year round.
 A weighted blanket designed for summer (and all year round) Weighted blankets suitable for children...
$125.00 $99.00
Weighted Blanket- All Seasons HD (Heavy Duty) - Full Size (140 x 210 cm) A tough weighted blanket you can use in summer and all year round
 Weighted blankets suitable for children and adults. This is a Heavier Duty than our Regular...
$160.00 $99.00
Weighted Alligator 2.2kg - ALI-The Plush Alligator and Gen Jerebs Say Gday CD offer
For All of those Children who would like the Alli Alligator Package. You can have...
$97.95 $79.95
Weighted Lap Blanket/Shoulder Comforter - 2kg - With carry bag
Weighted Lap Blanket /Shoulder Comforter- 2 KG 40cm x 80cm - with carry bag This product...
$69.00 $65.00
Weighted Lizard 2.8 kg - The Plush Lizard "Lenny"
The Lizard is soft to touch, has a pattern which resembles lizard scales and is...
Weighted Platypus 2.1kg - Percy The FUR Platypus - Includes illustrated story book
Welcome Percy The Platypus into your life.(Includes illustrated story book)Soft and cuddly, they make the perfect...
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Weighted Platypus 2.1kg - Percy The PLUSH Platypus - Includes illustrated story book
The Plush Percy has a softer touch, is lighter in colour, he is a great tool...
$74.95 $65.00
Weighted Blanket - Deluxe Bamboo size 152cm x 203cm
Weighted blankets have traditionally been used as a means to help children and adults achieve a...
$159.00 $99.00