The Traffic Jam In My Brain® Online Workshop

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Please make sure the course time frame suits you. For group bookings please make sure all participants know the course expiry date as no extensions will be given. You will have 8 weeks to complete the course.

The No.1 online Autism workshop in Australia having been viewed on line, or attended live, by many thousands of participants. This is the complete workshop, packaged into easy-to-follow modules totalling 7 hours of learning at your own pace. Presented in her own engaging style by Australia’s world renown Occupational Therapist, Singer/Songwriter: Genevieve Jereb.                                    

Genevieve Jereb, OT was an Australian born paediatric occupational therapist who lectures on sensory processing disorders worldwide. Upon graduating as an OT. Genevieve took up a position in the US and during her time there worked with many top therapists including Shelia Frick, Patricia Wilbarger and Carol Stock Kranowitz (author of “The Out of Sync Child”).  While in the US Genevieve also taught the course ‘Treatment Perspective for Sensory Modulation Disorders’. Genevieve returned to Australia in 2004 and upon finding a lack of special needs resources available, opened her online store ( to bring new and innovative resources to the special needs community. Genevieve was not only a therapist but a singer/songwriter having sold over 50,000 CDs with songs designed to assist with self-regulation, exercise, and relaxation. Genevieve’s greatly successful workshop, “The Traffic Jam in My Brain®” has been taught around the world. This workshop is available online each year, thousands of participants have registered for the workshop and respond with positive feedback.

This complete workshop not only enables you the understand what is going on inside the brain, it also provides you with tools that will not only benefit you but also the person in your care. When you understand why a person is acting in a certain way you will be able to adjust to and manage the situation avoiding a possible melt-down.


  • Presenter Genevieve was so passionate about OT and how to assist sensory processing issues, this 7 hour course is packed to the brim of useful information that can really make a positive impact on so many lives, both for sensory seekers and avoiders - highly recommend. You can learn at your own pace online 24/7 within the comfort of your own home across a few months. There are regular movement breaks so you can stay engaged.
  • Genevieve Jereb was a very gifted and experienced and knowledgeable speaker of this topic. I learned so much through her course to help my child who has Global Developmental Delay and autism. Her CDs are amazing too. I got them straight away and my child (who is low arousal) responded so well to Starfish and some of her other songs on the CDs. Thank you!
  • The Traffic Jam in My Brain® seminar is an informative and enjoyable presentation. Don’t hesitate to enrol. Just do it if you are concerned about a child with sensory processing problems. Everything you need to know is presented in one complete package by a presenter who has world class knowledge and experience.
  • So much information, clarification and examples of every day behaviours showing how we need to learn to read and understand individuals cues to there needs to assist them to perform at their greatest.


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