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Your Sensory Program Needs Body Socks

A sensory program or an approach to supporting kids that experience sensory processing difficulties can go a long way towards helping children with autism, and similar conditions succeed. Sensory processing can get in the way of success at school, time with friends, and even bedtime if it’s not managed effectively. Thankfully, there are many ways to help kids deal with sensory information, and with a few superb tools, you can put together a sensory program in your home or school fairly quickly. Body socks should be part of that program.

Made from breathable lycra, body socks are light full-body suits that make it fun to move around while providing tactile and pressure feedback. Developed specifically for kids with sensory processing issues, body socks (or body sox) are available at Sensory Tools Australia for parents and teachers who need to create a sensory program for their kids.

We even have a few fun suggestions for games you can play with these suits that get kids moving and laughing. Our favourite is “Animal Walks” a game where the child in a body sock mimics different animals walking. It’s fun to see how many animals they can think of and it helps develop motor skills in a fun and kid-friendly way. You’ll notice this is a theme at Sensory Tools, where everything we offer is developed with kids in mind. Operated by Occupational Therapist Genevieve Jereb, our online store has been providing much-needed tools to parents and teachers for many years. We know these tools are effective and have seen them help many children develop motor skills while having fun.