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Toys Designed for Special Needs Children

If you are a parent of a child with special needs is in your family, you are likely already aware that there are certain toys designed to provide therapeutic benefits for these kids with sensory processing issues. What you may not have known is that some of these benefits can help beyond the playground, allowing your child to gain better focus in school and experience less stress at home. If you are interested in how toys for autistic kids, or those who are differently abled, may act as essential tools in everyday life, read on to learn what Sensory Tools can provide.

How children with special needs play differently

Play is a vital part of healthy childhood development. More than ‘just for fun,’ the kinds of activities that children engage in while playing help build motor and language skills, while also encouraging them to think and problem-solve. Kids also learn how to interact with one another through play, giving them the social skills they need to thrive in school and later in life.

However, these activities do not always come naturally to children with special need as they may have trouble focusing on particular games or puzzles. That is why toys made for those with special needs are so important for filling in potential developmental gaps and encouraging exploratory play.

Studies have shown that ASD-spectrum children prefer repetitive play styles that offer a broad range of sensory stimuli. They are interested in toys and games that provide strong sensory feedback, as well those with apparent cause-and-effect results. They also enjoy toys that allow them to make repetitive motions, such as so-called ‘fidget toys’. Children with ADHD may also benefit from these so-called ‘autism toys,’ as they help them gain better focus in school and other situations.

Where to Get Fidget Toys and Other Special Needs Toys

If you are interested in getting sensory or fidget toys made for special needs, it helps to acquire tools that have been approved by an occupational therapist. At Sensory Tools, we offer families who have children with special needs, toys that are more than simply entertaining. Each product is selected by an occupational therapist for their therapeutic value and developmental appropriateness.

Sensory Tools provides leading-edge products and workshops that are designed to allow parents and other caretakers of special needs children to give their kids the tools and strategies that will help them thrive. We make ordering special needs toys accessible through our secure website, including bulk purchase orders for schools and NGO’s. We frequently have sales and other special deals on many of our popular products and are continually updating our inventory with new toys made with kids with special needs in mind.

To learn more about toys made for special needs kids, or for those with sensory processing issues, feel free to contact us at any time. A helpful member of our team will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.