Weighted Blanket and Special Needs Toys from Sensory Tools in Brisbane

The staff at Sensory Tools understand the special needs of children who have trouble processing sensory information and we provide sensory toys to help. Each product we offer has been carefully selected by an occupational therapist for its benefits and are available throughout Australia including Brisbane.

Life with Sensory Processing Difficulties

Many children with special needs have difficulties processing information thus have a hard time responding. Sensory processing challenges are encountered by children with various developmental issues and have different indicators.

For example, some children have a hard time perceiving the space their bodies occupy so they may bump into walls, tables or other objects. A child might not be able to feel a chair underneath them causing him or her to fall off several times. Children may squeeze cups too tightly causing spills but the next time not squeeze hard enough and drop them.

Mild sensory information to others can overwhelm a child with processing difficulties. The buzz of the overhead lights might sound like a blaring alarm, or the smell of a flower might induce nausea. Clothes feel like scouring pads grating at their skin, and a shirt tag becomes an all-consuming annoyance.

Children can quickly learn they have no control over themselves or their environment and they lose hope. Adults can perceive it as the child being careless or difficult, and they lose patience. In reality, the child needs help to cope and manage the array of information bombarding them.

Sensory Toys in Brisbane

We offer a variety of sensory toys to teach your child to assimilate their world of sights, sounds, smells, touches, and tastes. One of the most effective tools is knowledge, which is why we provide books for adults and children. Books geared toward adults help explain the world in which the child lives while advising on appropriate actions to help. Children’s books teach them that they are not alone and they can learn skills to help them tolerate the barrage of sensory information. The books also help classmates and siblings empathise with the challenges other children face.

Eating involves many senses such as touch, taste, and smell so mealtime can be difficult but we have specially designed plates and utensils. If your child is sensitive to noise he or she may benefit from our

ear defenders to dampen the sound input. Our shoelaces can help children tie their shoes if they are affected by misperceived body movements or our massagers can teach them to become desensitised by extraneous touches.

A weighted blanket can be a soothing tool that calms a child experiencing overstimulation. A smaller version of a weighted blanket is available as well as balls and plush animals for places such as school or stores. Weighted blankets have shown to improve sleep and concentration as well.

Contact Sensory Tools for help with choosing appropriate sensory toys or a weighted blanket for the special needs child in your life. We pride ourselves on giving hope to children, parents, and teachers in Brisbane and throughout Australia.