ARK Cip-Kup

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by Ark
Type: Eating
ARK's flexible Cip-kup makes transitioning from bottle feeding to cup drinking easier or to assist with the teaching of straw drinking skills. (Reduces the air ingested and effort required; less coughing and choking while drinking thin liquids). A reusable one way valve at the end of the straw keeps the fluids in the straw after you stop squeezing or when the client stops sucking. ( OR use it without the valve). Valve end can be trimmed to adjust flow. The 250ml. bottle is flexible enough to allow squeezing to assist in bringing fluids to the mouth and does not tip over easily. A lip-blok is included and one dozen straws. All parts are dishwasher safe.

WARNING: Some pieces could present as a choking hazard.
Use under adult supervision.