Balloon Helicopter Whistle

Type: Breathing

This simple but effective Balloon Helicopter rises 20 feet, and more! A really rewarding interactive and fun experience for children of all ages. First inflate the balloon, then place the propeller into the top, and watch as the helicopter is propelled... up up and away by the air being released from the inflated balloon. Novel item to introduce ’cause and effect’, use for tracking and oral skills, and to open scientific discussions!

You can even use stickers or colours to decorate the balloon. Why not have races against each other in your classroom or at your fund raising events?

Age 3 Years+

BENEFITS: Promote visual processing, orientation, visual perception, hand-eye co-ordination, motor skills, concentration, visual tracking, focus, manipulation, to encourage success, to de-stress, as fidgets, distractions, to open discussion, cause & effect, fine motor coordination, , dexterity, & success.