Body Sock - Small Royal Blue

Body Sock - Small Royal Blue

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Size Small - 68cm by 100cm

Royal Blue

Body sock also known as Happy Sacks or Body Sox, these amazing see through and breathable Lycra suits are a must have as part of your home, clinic or school based sensory program. Body Socks are a movement, proprioceptive, tactile, and deep pressure experience like nothing else!

Activities to try when using Body Socks Include:

Mirror Poses. Have your child put the body sock on with his/her head poking out the top. Have them make a silly position and hold it for 5, 10, 20 seconds or as long as they can!
Shadow Poses: With the lights off, just like the Mirror Poses, have your child make crazy shapes using the Body Socks and shine a torch on them. This is great fun to see their image as a shadow on the wall
Animal Walks: Whilst wearing the Body Socks, see what different types of animal walks they can do.

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