I Spy Bag

I Spy Bag

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Quality Australian made product.

With many trinkets hidden within non-toxic pallets, I Spy bags are ideal for entertaining your loved one in the car, out shopping, during appointments etc.

The I Spy Bag has been designed to stimulate your little person. It is filled with cotton reels, drink tops, animals, wooden cubes, dice, pegs and other bits and bobs. The bag weighs 0.9kg and along with stimulation can also be calming as it doubles as a weighted lap tool. The act of just gently squeezing the beads in itself can be calming and totally relaxing. The   I-Spy Bag is easy to carry and store. I Spy Bags are used for people with special needs such as dementia and autism. Due to the inclusion of small beads this item is not suitable for children under 3 years.

 Note: Cover material may differ from that shown in the picture.

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 WARNING: Not for children developmentally and aged under 3 years old.
To be used under adult supervision, contains small parts.

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