Gooey Mesh ball Keychain

Type: fine motor

Clip it onto your pencil case and sqeeze, squidge and squash the ball when you need a fidget during lessons or attach one to your school bag or hand bag for convenient  fidgeting on the go.

Squeeze the mesh ball and watch as the slime inside oozes through the black mesh. Release the squeeze and watch the ball retract back to shape ! 

Each ball includes mesh netting and a clip style key chain. 

Available in green, blue, pink and purple colours selected randomly

Measures: approx. 4cm diameter.

Also available in 7cm ball without keychain. 

Do not use near sharp objects. Do not put into mouth. Do not chew. Do not leave in direct sun light for extended periods of time. If damaged could mark or stain fabrics or clothing.
WARNING: Not for children developmentally and aged under 3 years old.
To be used under adult supervision. 
Contains small parts, may be a choking hazard.