Indigo Dreams: Garden of Wellness

Indigo Dreams: Garden of Wellness

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Indigo Dreams: Garden of Wellness contains stories and techniques designed to entertain your child while empowering them to live a life of wellness. Practical, easy to follow techniques are presented in each purposeful story. Three additional wellness practice sessions are provided and accompanied by relaxing, uplifting music.

The Bubble Blowing technique is particularly useful for releasing stress and anger. Children can use this technique to rid themselves of hurt feelings, anger, stress and sadness.

The Light Shield technique is particularly useful for sensitive children. Children can use their light shield to relax and cope with noisy environments.

Children learn how food choices and amounts affect mind and body with Caterpillar Choices. Affirmations support this message while building self-esteem and confidence.

The difficult issue of bullying is addressed in The Perfect Club. Any child that has encountered being teased or excluded by their peers will benefit from the techniques presented in this heartwarming story of acceptance. Various stress-management, coping strategies provide wellness benefits for any child. Ideal for ages 5-10.

“The Perfect Club is a story I began writing 10 years ago when my first child experienced the pain of being excluded from various groups of children. Two children later, in an effort to help my youngest child deal with emotional bullying, I revisited this story. I incorporated stress-management techniques, coping strategies and confidence boosters to create an empowering, life changing story!”

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