Liquid Floor Tiles 6 Pack Square

Liquid Floor Tiles 6 Pack Square

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These brightly coloured liquid tiles are an amazing addition to any playroom, classroom or sensory room for Sensory Play. 

A wonderful visual and tactile experience, that really does encourage you to move around and explore the surfaces. Sensory play encourages children to learn, develop and grow whilst they have fun. Children are encouraged to explore, investigate and develop their ideas through sensory play. Sensory play aids cognitive development, the more senses that are involved the better! Creativity and imagination is developed through new ways of thinking. The liquid tile encourages visual processing and sensory stimulation for all ages. Supports sensory integration and gross motor skill development. Engages kids with ADHD, sensory integration disorder and autism.

The tiles are 50cm x 50cm, are leakproof and contain nontoxic flowing bright coloured liquid that swirl around as you move about on them. The set of tiles include 6 different vibrant colours. The tiles have an anti slip foam layer on the underside and have a super durable design. No installation is necessary, simply place them onto almost any surface and they can be used immediately. Apply a little pressure to create a dramatic visual effect. The tiles can be jumped, stood and pressed on so a great game to play could be hopscotch or create a walking path to be followed they can also be sat on and lied on. The tiles can also be used on a table top for more of a hands on play. Maximum weight capacity is 120kg. We advise to clean the top lightly with a moist cloth and mild soap and dry immediately. The back can be cleaned with a dry cloth. Do not leave tiles in direct sunlight. 

Suitable for children and toddlers from 6 months of age. Use with adult supervision.