Magic Ball Pipe 4 Pack

Magic Ball Pipe 4 Pack

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Magic Ball Pipe - Value 4 Pack - Blow through the magic ball pipe and watch it lift up. Blow long and hard to make it hover. Focusing on the ball aids in helping the eyes to track an object, while blowing aids in improving respiration. A Styrofoam ball is enclosed for use when long slow exhale is required.


* This respiration tool is soundless and therefore provides no auditory reinforcement.
* Prolonged attempts to visually monitor the ball may cause dizziness or eye ache.
* Encourages prolonged, graded air flow.

Options for Therapeutic Use
* Other small balls may be used to vary the respiratory requirements or add visual interest, i.e. coloured Styrofoam balls, even tightly wadded paper will work.
* How long can you keep your ball up.
* Aim and/or project ball into a container to increase demand on respiratory grading and eye control.
* Can you catch the ball in the basket?
* How far can you blow the ball and how high (depends on whether client can keep the pipe level)?

* The part of the pipe that holds the ball may separate from the pipe stem. Simply snap back on for use.
* Because of the small ball, this toy is not safe around young children or clients who are likely to mouth or ingest objects.
* Use of this tool is not advised if the child/client doesn’t understand that the pipe must be level in order to keep the ball up.
* Replacement or substitute Styrofoam balls can be found in most craft stores. The Styrofoam takes less air support to keep floating than the plastic ball.

(Contains small parts, not recommended for children under 3 years of age of developmental ability - recommended to be used under adult supervision).

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