Montessori Activity Sensory Board

Type: fine motor
Building daily, life-long essential skills while having fun!

The Montessori activity sensory board from Sensory Tools Australia allows children to practice and learn at their own pace, the essential skills they use every single day……from tying their own shoelaces to unzipping a jacket or buckling a belt these are skills we all learn from a young age and use throughout our whole life. This is an excellent memory building tool as its building self-dressing skills with hands on learning while playing and having fun.
Using and growing their Hand eye-coordination as they learn to Buckle and un-buckle, tighten and loosen, tie and un-tie and with many different buttons and clasps they will be learning how to use their brain power to solve, by themselves any challenges they come across.
With lots of different textures, materials and shapes it’s a great tool to build your child’s fine motor skills with every toggle a new colour from the last your child will be enhancing their colour recognition.

Foldable Fabric Button up carry Case with handle.

Light-weight, portable and easy to carry anywhere.