Moving with a Purpose (B10)

Moving with a Purpose (B10)

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Moving with a Purpose is much more than a wonderful collection of movement games and activities for preschool-age children. It's also an easy-to-use guide to building movement programs in which every child thrives, including those with special needs.

The book's 15 chapters are packed with information that's so well presented, you'll be able to put it to use immediately, even if you have no experience teaching movement programs.

Part I explains why movement is essential for preschoolers' optimum development.

Part II you'll find 54 field-tested and proven games and activities, developed over more than 15 years of teaching preschoolers. Each game and activity description includes tips for modification for children with special needs.

Part III deepens your understanding of children's motor development, offers how-tos for developing and promoting your movement program, and provides tips for working with toddlers.

Part IV focuses on children with special needs. Here the authors stress the importance of parent and teacher partnerships in helping preschoolers of all abilities move, develop physically and mentally and feel good about themselves.

By Renee M. McCall, M.S. Ed. & Diane H. Craft, Ph. D. - Soft Cover - 231 Pages

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