Respiration Kit 3 - Value Plus

Respiration Kit 3 - Value Plus

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Respiration Kit 3 - A good mix of Power and Graded Breath; with some Resistive tools thrown in.
Graded Breath - Graded exercise therapy is physical exercise program that increases the duration and intensity of exercise slowly and gradually.
Power Breath - Invites more push behind the breath that often causes an involuntary release of a fixed diaphragm)
Resistive Blow - Strengthens weak diaphragm

Kit Includes:

1 x Water Flutes
1 x Train Whistle
1 x Sting Pipe
1 x Touchable Bubble
1 x Balloon Animal
1 x Harmonica
1 x Racetrack Whistle
1 x Magic Ball Pipe
1 x Helicopter Whistle

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