Rubber Razzer 4 Pack

Rubber Razzer 4 Pack

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The Rubber Razzer - Value Plus 4 pack - is made from heavy duty rubber and measures approx. 12cm in length.

Blowing produces both sound and vibratory feedback to lips, mouth and hand. Many orally defensive children love this tool.

This sound is expressive and very reinforcing while not as irritating to others as some higher pitched whistles.

The razzer is a good blow tool for use during movement activities since it does not have to be hand held.

Blow long blow short. Feel the difference.

Use tongue to interrupt the blowing.

Let your fingers flip the rubber end while blowing. How many different sounds can be made?

Imitate or makeup patterns.

Great pocket tool as it is lightweight and durable.

The mouthpiece and rubber may become separated, but can easily be reattached.

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