The M.O.R.E. Book

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By Patricia Oetter, Eileen Richter & Sheila Frick.

Recent work in the fields of sensory integration, neuromotor development and speech / language development has revealed the close interaction of these neural functions. Patti Oetter has pioneered in the development of new treatment concepts that capitalize on these interdependent relationships.

This 2nd edition of the book presents a theoretical framework and expanded chapter on treatment of sensorimotor and speech / language problems; methods for evaluating the therapeutic potential of oral motor toys; and numerous ideas for activities designed to bring about more integrated development of sensory/postural and speech/language functions.

MORE is an acronym for the Motor components, Oral organization, Respiratory demands and Eye contact/control elements of toys and items that can be used to facilitate integration of the mouth with sensory and postural development, including self regulation and attention.

Book chapters include:

  • The Suck, Swallow, Breathe Synchrony
  • Treatment Principles & Activities
  • Therapeutic Toys & Activities -- Whistles, Blowers, Kazoos, Bubbles, etc.
  • MORE Quick Reference

1995, softcover, approx. 170 pages