The Traffic Jam In My Brain Online Workshop

The Traffic Jam In My Brain Online Workshop

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The No.1 on line Autism workshop in Australia having been viewed on line, or attended live, by many thousands of participants. This is the complete workshop, packaged in into easy-to-follow modules totalling 7 hours of learning at your own pace.

Presented in her own engaging style by Australia’s world renown Occupational Therapist, Singer/Songwriter: Genevieve Jereb.

Genevieve Jereb, OT is an Australian born paediatric occupational therapist who lectures on sensory processing disorders worldwide. Upon graduating as an OT. Genevieve took up a position in the US and during her time there worked with many top therapists including Shelia Frick, Patricia Wilbarger and Carol Stock Kranowitz (author of “The Out of Sync Child”).  While in the US Genevieve also taught the course ‘Treatment Perspective for Sensory Modulation Disorders’. Genevieve returned to Australia in 2004 and upon finding a lack of special needs resources available, opened her online store ( to bring new and innovative resources to the special needs community. Genevieve is not only a therapist but a singer/songwriter having sold over 50,000 CDs with songs designed to assist with self-regulation, exercise, and relaxation. Genevieve’s greatly successful workshop, “The Traffic Jam in My Brain” has been taught around the world. This workshop is available online each year, thousands of participants have registered for the workshop and respond with positive feedback.

This complete workshop not only enables you the understand what is going on inside the brain, it also provides you with tools that will not only benefit you but also the person in your care. When you understand why a person is acting in a certain way you will be able to adjust to and manage the situation avoiding a possible melt-down.

This is the only workshop you need to take, no need to go into or sign up to multiple workshops, (of which many giving only small or singular insights and suggest you sign up to more and more courses).

What people are saying: Here is one comment that sums it all up:

“I Learnt so much, I do not even know where to begin. It has provided me with such a fantastic insight into so many behaviours my children display and has shown me some much more beneficial ways of dealing with the challenges we face on a daily basis.”

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