Time Timer Max 17

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Type: Learning

The Time Timer MAX is 17 x 17 inches (43 x 43 cm) so it can be seen in larger spaces such as gymnasiums, cafeterias, auditoriums, and large meeting rooms. It’s also eight timers in one – with customizable durations and changeable timer faces.

The MAX can countdown as low as 5 minutes, or as high as 24 hours. Included with the MAX are 3 two-sided timer faces – 5/15 minutes, 30/60 minutes, 120 minutes/Dry Erase Board timer face allowing for maximum flexibility and customization, in addition to “set markers.” The three colored set markers can create time blocks on any face by snapping them into the grooves between the red disk and numbers. Not included are the additional timer faces 4, 8 and 24 hour which are needed for setting the timer above 4hr to 24hr function.

The MAX can be used on a flat surface, hung on a wall, whiteboard, or map rail. 1 bracket mount is included.

Additional Details


  • Kids get it — they can easily grasp the concept of ‘elapsed time’ and ‘time remaining,’ creating less stress between transitions
  • Break up classroom routines or group projects into manageable, visual time segments
  • Consistent use helps reduce the noise levels in your gym or classroom
  • Large 17" x 17" (43 x 43 cm) red disk display can be seen by the whole classroom or gym
  • Trade chaos for order in family and household routines


  • Patented red disk that disappears as time elapses
  • Silent, Moderate, or Loud alert sound levels for various environments and needs
  • Stay on-time with eight timers in one — 5 minutes to 24 hours
  • Divide the time with colored set markers that are conveniently stored on the back of the timer
  • Free-standing or wall-mounted options, whiteboard or map rail. 1 bracket mount is included.
  • Two C batteries required for operation (not included)
  • Requires No 1 Phillips Screwdriver to open battery compartment.

Additional Items available to be purchased

  • Set Markers

These three colored Set Markers are designed to be used with the Time Timer Max. The Set Markers create time blocks on any MAX face by snapping them into the grooves between the red disk and numbers. Each package includes 3 Set Markers: 1 Sky Blue, 1 Lime Green, 1 Purple.

  • Timer Faces

These extra timer faces are designed to be used with the Time Timer Max. The Time Timer MAX includes 8 timer durations and allows for the faces to be changed out as needed. This package includes the longer durations of 4-hour, 8-hour, 24-hour, and an extra dry-erase face. Package includes 2 double-sided faces: 4hr/8hr and 24hr/dry-erase face. 

All Time Timer products have a warranty of 1 year from date of purchase.