Wedge Cushion Small with pump

Type: Movement

The perfect size for little kiddie chairs, and helps kids stay seated while providing them the sensory input they need.

The Wedge Cushion is a square shaped cushion with a sloping (wedge) surface designed to promote correct seated posture. The wedge slope is particularly helpful for children who have low muscle tone and tend to sit with a slumped posture. These cushions are also an effective way to provide children with regulating sensory input whilst remain seated.

This can be discretely placed on a child’s chair to give ongoing movement while he/she works. The Move and Sit Cushion can also be used as part of a core workout by standing on it and trying to keep centred.

The cushion is air filled and comes with a pump.

Dimensions : 25cm x 25cm x 6.8cm

Also available in a large size.

Bulk quantities available - See 'Bulk Items" in the left side menu on the home page