Mindful & Co Kids

Mindful & Co Kids

Mindful & Co Kids was created by Australian Jacqueline Yeats, who has a background in Psychology and specialises in Mindfulness for Stress Disorders. The Mindful & Co Kids range includes a variety of products that are designed to nurture mindfulness, resilience and happiness in children.

Below are just some of the Mindful & Co Kids products we stock!

Mindful & Co Kids Patience Pebbles

The Patience Pebbles are a creative way to fine tune fine motor skills and can be enjoyed as an independent or as group play. Have fun stacking the pebbles and then watching them crash, this can lead to continuous play time learning and developing skills. The Patience Pebbles have been thoughtfully carved from wood, and beautifully boxed in sustainable packaging, they are also eco-friendly.

Mindful & Co Kids Happy Hearts Board Game

The science of mindfulness has been widely studied for decades now. And the resounding findings? Mindfulness opens the door to a world of goodness for your littlie. From boosting your little one’s working memory, to increasing cognitive flexibility and attentiveness, to boosting their overall happiness, the benefits of mindfulness practices are far-reaching and create a healthy, positive lens for your child to experience the world through. With dreamy illustrations and thoughtful details, this beautifully crafted board game will have your little ones taking a moment to hit pause in our busy world, and carving out their own individual pockets of calm.

Mindful & Co Kids Pick Up Sticks

Enjoy this fresh take on the classic family game of Pick Up Sticks with Mindful & Co – Kids that can be loved and played by all for a lifetime. While these Pick Up Sticks are fun and interactive, they also promote the art of presence, fine motor skills and concentration. You and your child will both be besotted with this game, bringing you together in new and loving ways you had never imagined. Bring the joy of your own childhood back to life whilst sharing in this calming and mindful experience with your little one.

Mindful & Co Kids Yoga Mats

Lightweight, bio-degradable (PVC free with no Phthalates) and hypoallergenic with a non-slip grip, these specifically designed Yoga Mats for children are easy to clean and machine washable. They offer all the comfort and stability of their adult counterparts, simply smaller, making them the perfect size for your little humans to carry.

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