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Each week Sensory Tools presents the opportunity to make great savings on a selection of Special Needs resources discounted by up to 10% (sometimes more).

Big savings also to be made any time by purchasing in Bulk or with Value Packs and Kits.

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Calmfit T-Shirts
  PLEASE NOTE ONLY XS AVAILABLE  Superior, breathable, 4 way stretch super smooth milk polyester...
$43.95 $35.00
Calmfit T-Shirts 3 PACK
PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLY SIZE XS IS AVAILABLE   Superior, breathable, 4 way stretch super smooth...
$105.00 $90.00
Weighted Plush Alligator
The plush Alligator has a softer touch, is green in colour, he is a great tool for...
$69.00 $62.10