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Coming in August...Gravity-Online

Using Gravity to Facilitate Sensory Motor Development in Infants & Children

Gravity influences infant development in many ways, from triggering vestibular processing to developing and strengthening muscles.  Due to a number of factors, including improper positioning, lack of typical sensory motor opportunities, other environmental factors, and/or diagnoses of failure to thrive, autism, sensory processing disorders, etc., many of today’s children are delayed in their sensory motor development when compared with past generations.  These delays are particularly apparent in lack of core strength, proximal stability, and upper extremity coordination.  Along with other treatment strategies, gravity can be used by therapists to enhance development, especially in the areas of sensory motor processing, reflex integration and motor coordination.  A variety of intervention strategies that engage vestibular mechanisms and take advantage of gravitational influences, including some innovative equipment, will be discussed and demonstrated via labs and video presentation. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS 

Coming up in October 2020: The Traffic Jam in My Brain - online. Registrations now open..


Due to concern for our customer's welfare, Sensory Tools®has postponed the international workshops planned for 2020. These workshops which include Sensory Defensiveness, Step SI and the M.O.R.E. workshop will be rescheduled to 2021. We apologize to those who were looking forward to the workshops this year. 

Keep an eye on our web site for information regarding rescheduled dates.


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Traffic Jam In My Brain Online Course, October 2020
The Traffic Jam In My Brain Online Course is presented by international speaker and songwriter...
$279.00 $245.00
Gravity-Online (Aug 24th to Sept 24th 2020) Presented by Eileen W. Richter
Using Gravity to Facilitate Sensory Motor Development in Infants & Children is Presented by Eileen...
$399.00 $349.00