Mindful & Co Kids

Mindful & Co Kids was created by Australian Jacqueline Yeats, who has a background in Psychology and specialises in Mindfulness for Stress Diso...

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Autism courses - the benefit to parents teachers and therapists

With many short free online workshops about autism it may be a complete guess as to what to choose. Rather than taking little bits of disjointed information consider a comprehensive workshop you can work through, one which explains what is causing the problem and provides great insight with techniques to handle situations as they arise.

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Autism workshop - Sensory Tools

"The Traffic Jam in My Brain" aptly describes what is happening when people on the spectrum experience input overload. Genevieve Jereb OT, in her unique way, shows how to unlock the "traffic jam" with her Sensory Tools® online workshop and shows how the carer, be they a parent, teacher or other person looking after a special person can help.

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