What are the best weighted toys?

What are the best weighted toys?

Weighted toys (animals) are used as a tool to assist with calming. Many children (and adults), become anxious and a weighted item can assist in reducing the level of anxiety.

The best weighted animals are those made specifically for this purpose, they will be designed to lay on the lap or around the shoulders. They will have the weight evenly distributed over the body, have an inner liner and a texture that, when touched, has a calming effect. 

Sensory Tools has developed competitively priced, high quality, weighted animals in a range of designs and weights. Much thought has gone into the design  and development of these animals to ensure they are safe (with an inner liner to prevent leakage of the filling) as well as being balanced and having a soft feel.

The shapes, such as platypus, lizard and alligator are designed to lay across the lap or be placed around the shoulders and make up the selection along with the weighted turtle and snake, which is designed to be readily coiled for the lap or can be draped over the shoulders with the head and tail loosely interlocking.

The platypus comes in two versions, the plush finish is designed to act as a calming device when stroked while the platypus with the fur finish is designed to assist to stimulate a child who may be shut down and need arousal.

Both versions of the platypus come with a beautifully illustrated book about Percy The Platypus.