Weighted Lap Blanket/Shoulder Comforter

Type: Weighted

Weighted Lap Blanket /Shoulder Comforter- 2 KG 40cm x 80cm - with carry bag

This product was developed by the Sensory Tools team following on from the immense success of the All Seasons Weighted Blanket. Once again this product was developed in conjunction with Therapists, Parents and the people who will benefit from its use.

The 2 kg weight was chosen as the most universally accepted weight for all ages. We have removed the worry of selecting the right colour or pattern as the Lap Blanket only comes in one serviceable and acceptable colour - blue. Of course you will want to take it with you when going out, that is why we have included a draw string carry bag.

Lap blankets provide opportunity for deep pressure calming input. The weight on your lap serves as a deep touch therapy, stimulating deep touch receptors that promote a more grounded and safe feeling for the individual.

The blankets are versatile, not only for the lap, it can be rolled up and used as a shoulder comforter, (like a weighted collar), placed over the chest when lying down or using it like a shawl to use weight across the back of the body.

With our super soft micro glass bead fill the experience is better as there is no noisy pellets when you move around.

Lap blankets have been shown to be beneficial in many areas and may help if the following is happening:

  • Restless moving, tapping of feet, kicking during sitting times
  • Enjoys pressure on legs with objects such as blankets, toys or books
  • Difficulties calming in situations such as in the classroom or at dinner time

100% Cotton

Super Soft Micro Glass Bead filling

Care instructions attached to item.

Comes in cotton pouch for easy travel.