Weighted Plush Dog

Type: Calming

Darcy the dog is going to be your child's new best friend!

Darcy the dog is the newest member of the weighted animal family at Sensory Tools! The plush dog is soft to touch and has soft silky fur under the ears. Darcy is perfect for cuddling and sitting comfortably on your lap. Darcy weighs 2.4kg and is designed to give deep pressure input throughout the day. This weighted dog can also assist children with low arousal as stroking the fur can be stimulating. Darcy the dog will be a great addition to every family!


This item is designed for therapeutic use and as such, care should be taken with its use. It is not a toy and although it is well designed and made with an internal lining to contain the beads, it may not withstand rough treatment. Colour may vary.

WARNING: Not for children developmentally and aged under 3 years old. To be used under adult supervision.