Weighted Blanket Bamboo

Type: Weighted


Our premium quality, seven-layer weighted blankets have been traditionally used to help both children and adults enjoy a restful night's sleep.

Weighted blankets are akin to comforting embraces, filled with fine micro glass beads that offer the chance for deep pressure soothing input. The blanket's weight acts as deep touch therapy, activating deep touch receptors throughout your body, fostering a sense of grounding and safety for the user.

To ensure a restful night, place the weighted blanket over the bed; it's designed to aid in both falling asleep and remaining asleep. The blanket molds to the body's contours, providing a soft, weighted sensation. Throughout the year, the weighted blanket can be adjusted to meet the user's varying needs.

Weighted blankets might be of benefit if one or more of the following is happening for an individual:

• Difficulties calming to fall asleep

• Restless moving, kicking, or pushing up against you or the walls while sleeping

• Enjoy stacking all their toys, books, and even chairs on their bed and crawling underneath to experience the 'weighted' feeling while resting.

• Enjoys lots of rough and tumble play, pushing and pulling, and loves tight hugs

Every blanket includes a carry case, making it convenient for both travel and storage.


This is an optional duvet cover for our weighted bamboo blankets. You can purchase the blanket with or without the cover.

Experience the ultra-soft and comfortable minky fabric, perfect for those who adore the sensation of soft, warm, and fuzzy textures against their skin. It includes ties on the inside to fasten your cover to the inner weighted blanket, as well as an outer zipper to keep the weighted blanket securely in place. Dimensions: 152 x 203 cm. The minky cover is both machine washable and detachable for your convenience.


Frequently Asked Questions

What size are the blankets?

All blankets are the same size 152cm x 203cm.

Can the blanket be washed?                                                                                     

Yes, the blanket can be machine washed on a gentle cycle and air dried. The blanket cannot be dry cleaned, ironed or put into a dryer.

Will it be too hot in summer?                                                                                   

Our Weighted Blankets are made from a breathable 100% bamboo viscose (300 thread count), so it won't get too hot. As bamboo is thermo-regulating, it can be used all year round and is also suitable for hot sleepers.

Does the blanket come with a warranty?                                                     

The weighted blanket has a 3-month warranty against manufacturing defects.

Note: These warranties do not exclude your rights under ACCC Consumer Guarantees.

Note: Due to the blanket being handmade, slight variations of the stated weight may occur - this has a negligible effect on the user as the slight variation is spread over the whole blanket.

Here is what our customers are saying

"The only thing that relieves pain in my legs is weight, this is amazing"

"Fantastic quality my son has never slept so well-love it!'

"Loved it, thanks so much very happy, love the secure feeling while in bed"

'A great, affordable option. Thank you, my son loves his cuddle blanket",

'Really helped with Restless Legs"  

 * Colour may vary